Launched in the late 1980’s, Joop! has now become recognised for its vast fragrance range. The success of this led to the expansion of the Joop! portfolio including Joop! aftershave, lotions and bathing products. Visit The Perfume Shop for bestselling ranges like Wow!, Go, Homme and Jump.

Who is the founder of Joop?

The founder of the Joop! brand is the German designer, Wolfgang Joop who founded the company in 1986.

What men’s Joop fragrances are there?

The Perfume Shop stocks the original Joop! range as well as Joop! Jump, Joop! Go and Joop! Wow!

What women’s Joop fragrances are there?

The Perfume Shop currently stocks Joop! Wow! Woman.

How much are Joop fragrances?

The fragrances stocked at The Perfume Shop start at £19.99